Oscar Rounsevell/ May 28, 2019/ Entertainment

Every child has an interest in something other than what they are taught at school. It could be something related to what is normally taken up at school also, such as science. Nevertheless, as parents it is your responsibility to improve that affinity and make them good at what they do even if it is just talented in singing or dancing.

Taught vs learnt

Research has found out that children remember what they see more then what they read or hear. Meaning something exhibited is the best way to teach them. Most of the time they can recant what happened at science rather than math due to this reason; that they saw the experiment taking place. If a child really likes something they will not wait for instructors or coaches but go ahead and try it by themselves. This is the importance of being taught and them learning by themselves. So if they like something such as music, dancing, doing experiments or any such thing, you can perhaps make way for them to learn by themselves, that is, provide facilities to go ahead with what they want to do. You can spare some space in the house for a small dance studio or take them to one; you can get them professional piano teachers or buy them a keyboard to play and learn.

Importance of the aesthetic activities

We are moving so fast towards a high-tech flavoured world. More and more people are not getting married or raising families but living by themselves because it is the easiest to do. Technology provides what the family used to; friendships, relationships and other physical and psychological needs. But are these for real? You can have an artificial intelligence creature act as your girlfriend; you can have robotic pets. There are even robots who fulfill your carnal desires. Nevertheless, can you expect them to act the same way as a real human would? The importance of aesthetics is that children get a taste of the small things; as the saying goes they learn to stop and smell the flowers rather than being part to this non-stop rat race that has become life.

Encourage them to do different things

If you as parents are of open minds, you will get the kids also to see the brighter side in things. You can encourage them to see the good in things and try to help people. A child who loves piano lessonsor ballet dancing, who is in to creative things, will also have a mellow heart than someone who is made to live a mechanical life. During the time period of six years to mid teenage years, school occupies most of the child’s life. Hence you must take proper steps to make sure not is not onlythe math and science that they are learning there. It will also be a welcome break from all the school work they have to do. Children have vile influences from so many things nowadays. Hence as parents it is your responsibility to make sure they are on the right path.