Oscar Rounsevell/ November 23, 2018/ Kids Entertainment

It’s all fun and games until you have to clean up all the red cups creating patterns on the front porch and the sausage pizzas stubbornly sticking on to the sofas. When parties are thrown once a week, it’s not just the wallet that gets emptied, but your bins too. Loads and loads of them. Keep the work load aside, but have you ever given a thought to the impact this can create on your environment? The destruction to your planet? Here’s a few way you can go green and get environment friendly, every time you’re hosting a party.

Reuse To Reduce

From plates to napkins and silverware, everything you use, make sure you can reuse. Try as much as possible to not use plastic and paper cups, rather opt for glasses and mason jars since most disposable food-ware is not recyclable. When you’re going to do the party shopping, you’re going to end up with a trunk full of shopping bags. So next time when you drive to the store, take with you as many cloth bags as 5. Instead of tissues and paper napkins, spread out cloth napkins. If you’re using a kids party catering service for your baby’s birthday, ask them if it possible to deliver in linen bags. This way you can penny pinch costs the next time you’re throwing a perfect party.

Pick a Theme

Well that’s quite obvious. I mean who doesn’t host a party without a Theme? Picking a theme to elevate the birthday party entertainment Central Coast is almost significant these days. But how can you reduce the disposable deco and go all environment friendly? Here’s a way you can do this. When you pick a theme keep it minimal and classy. If it’s Christmas then wine and cheese it is! If it’s Halloween go all orange with carrot cakes to carrot dips, everything with a little bit of carrots. Rather than the deco, focus more on the food as they’re edible and don’t go to the bin once it’s dawn.

Go Low With The Deco

Flowers are the elegant gifts of Mother Nature that never go out of style. So why spend several hours on creating neon paper flowers when you can get navy blue flowers right from your garden or that florist shop down the street? Appreciate nature and exploit it in the right way. Make charming flower crowns all with the use of twigs and leaves and a bunch of pretty orchids. So when the event is done, they can dry up or decompose. Going overboard with the plastic decorations isn’t right. Especially when you’ve got the outdoor art to give your house the magic it needs!

From Dispensers to Disposable Bins

Instead of giving out drinks in plastic cups to every individual walking in, use a large drink dispenser. Maybe even two of them would suffice if there’s too many to count. Not only does it save on party costs, but your guests will be happy serve themselves whenever they feel like for an ice cold fresh drink. Moreover, consider having three separate bins for paper, plastic and food waste. Label bins so you can avoid confusion and combination. And remember, never resort for plastic since only 1 to 3 percent of plastic waste is actually recycled.