Oscar Rounsevell/ April 16, 2020/ Construction & Building

Synthetic turf is available in the form of the rolls in the market and the rolls are sell base on the square meter, before you figure out that how much turf you actually need and how much it will cost, you need to measure the area. The best lawn turf calculator could help you estimating the price for this so that you are sure of how much you will be paying and is this in your budget or not.

Measure the area to lay the turf on:

High quality turf is expensive and buying the one based on your guess estimation always lead to either too much turf or less turf, therefore use a tape measure to exactly measure it. As mentioned earlier, the turf is sell in square meters and therefore, you need to measure in terms of meters as well. It is time saving that you originally measure it in meters which would save you from the confusing conversions at the end. If you have rectangle or square kind of the lawn, then these are the easiest to measure. All you have to do is measure the width and the height and then multiply it to get the total area. If your area comes out to be 40 square meter then you would need 40 rolls of the turfs. The circular and triangular lawns are a little tricky in the measurements but in case of circle go for measurement of the diameter, find the radius and calculate the area. In triangle you need the height and the longest side measurement to find the area. On the other hand, if you have an odd shaped area then the best approach is to either divide it in the basic shapes such as the rectangle or the circles and then the rest of the space could be estimated. This may not give you the exact area but a near estimation and you could order the rolls of the turfs based on this.

The lawn turf calculator:

There are number of online lawn turf calculator available and you could simply google it and give your measurements and it will give you the answer. These calculators are simple area measuring and this will also give you the answer based on your input. To get the right result make sure that your input is correct. It is best to compare the result from two to three websites to make sure that the results are accurate. But in case you do not want to believe the turf calculator and want to measure the lawn area by yourself then you could follow the above mentioned techniques to calculate the areas.