Oscar Rounsevell/ September 15, 2023/ Construction & Building

fastener suppliers australia

Prendergast Fasteners is a largest online fastener supplier in Australia, offers the best prices throughout the day. We are a privately held Australian company that has been supplying screws, fasteners, and hardware for over 30 years on the domestic and worldwide markets! We are a 100% online ecommerce company with quick full-country delivery coverage and Dyers, not a brick-and-mortar hardware store. Trust us and use us frequently because we’re totally united and dedicated to offering the best customer service, quick shipping, completely transparent pricing policies, and individualized fastener advice from our expert fastener team. Contact us at any time for order pickup or just a chat if you’re local.

Our fastening Service

Our warehouse is stocked with high-quality construction materials for every profession, service and project. We have one of Australia’s largest collections of fasteners. To date, more than a billion screws have been delivered and sold in Australia. We stock and supply a wide range of fixings including concrete screws and screw bolts for light masonry anchors, wall plugs of various styles, studs, heavy duty anchor bolts, chemical anchors for large structural projects and plasterboard anchors. We are a significant industrial fastener supplier in Australia to many significant Australian construction firms. All fasteners are available in stainless steel fasteners for high corrosion fixing, zinc plate finishes for internal usage, and galvanized finishes for outdoor use. For every substrate or material you may have, including brick, block, concrete, masonry applications, rivet fastening, and cavity fixing into plasterboard, we can supply any fastener. Your fixes will be of the greatest possible quality because technical document specifications are accessible for every fastener, including steel grades and completely backed load data.

Suppliers of nuts and bolts in Brisbane

One of Australia’s largest privately held suppliers of bolts and nuts Brisbane is Prendergast Fasteners. The corporate office of Brisbane, a family-run company, is located in Carrara on the Gold Coast. Along with our products’ unparalleled quality, you can count on receiving friendly and supportive customer service. We are well-equipped to meet your needs since we provide a wide selection of high-quality standard and specialty fasteners as well as a number of related engineering items. With our excellent service and flexible delivery options, we have continued to set standards in the market while providing substantial knowledge to Australia’s building and engineering industries. Find out more about our selection of bolts, screws, nuts, and additional accessories. As a market leader, Prendergast Fasteners has made a name for itself. Despite being the largest fastener suppliers in Australia, we are known for our great service, prompt delivery, affordability, and creative solutions.